Individuals with special language needs or those with time consdivaints might choose one-to-one tutoring. Students may take from two to eight lessons per day, for a minimum of one week. During certain months in which the Institute is very busy, private tutoring might not be available (usually June and July). Students may also combine group classes with tutoring (i.e. four group lessons plus two private lessons daily).
COST: Effective January 1, 2014. Fee is in U.S. dollars.
$25 per lesson, minimum two lessons daily.
Included in cost:
50 minute lessons, textbooks and handouts. Free daily Latin dance classes, Internet access and complimentary Costa Rican coffee throughout the day are available.
Starting dates:
Participants may start any week of the year
Schedules are flexible, depending on the individual’s needs.
The Institute observes a number of holidays during the year and will be closed on those days. No refunds are made for days missed due to this reason. Excursions are not affected and always take place. Holidays are: January 1, Holy Thursday and Good Friday, April 11, May 1, July 25, August 15, September 15, October 12 and December 25.