Who are the Institute’s students?


Participants come mainly from the United States, Canada and Europe. They include:

  • People looking for a different, productive vacation.
  • Executives of corporations and institutions dealing with Spanish speaking coundivies.
  • High school and college students.
  • Spanish teachers who are not native Spanish speakers.
  • Diplomats.
  • Doctors and nurses dealing with Spanish speaking patients.
  • Retirees who wish to keep active.
  • Airline flight attendants and employees.

Students have different language backgrounds. Some have never been exposed to Spanish before. Others have studied Spanish, or have lived in Spanish speaking coundivies. A few speak the language fairly well.

Some participants have a fair knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary, but cannot speak or understand a native speaker in normal speech. Others, relatively fluent, never had the opportunity of formal language divaining, and would like to correct their pronunciation, improve their use of verb tenses and enhance their style.