The institute will lodge the participant in a carefully selected Costa Rican home. He or she will be provided with a private room, beakfast and dinner, and laundry service. This arrangement will permit the student to continue practicing Spanish outside of the classroom while sharing the “Ticos” every day life.
Participating families are chosen for their friendliness and helpfulness to the student. Most live within a 20 minute bus ride from the Institute, while a few are within walking distance.

Homestays can be arranged to accommodate individual students, couples and families with children.

Students 18 years old and over are provided with front door keys. Students under 18 do not get keys and and have to comply with a curfew unless accompanied by a host family member.

Those students not wishing to participate in the homestay can access the Hotels and Apartments section in this web site for other options.

COST: Effective January 1, 2013. Fees are in U.S. dollars.
Each week: $160
Each additional day: $24 (not always available)
The homestay begins on the Sunday prior to the week classes start and finishes the Saturday of the week classes end. (Yes, the last week of homestay only has 6 days.) The Institute will provide the addresses and telephone numbers of the host families two weeks in advance so that students can take a taxi after arriving at the airport to get to their families’ homes. Homestays are also available to individuals not taking classes but who are accompanying other students.
Included in cost:
A private room, two meals per day and laundry service.