Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Forester Instituto Internacional

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Forester Instituto Internacional, a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, offers several exciting programs of instruction in the Spanish language. Its short term immersion courses–1 to 4 weeks–are very popular among visitors to the country. The courses of study are designed to satisfy, in a quick and efficient manner, the growing need for Spanish language skills. The school also offers long term programs for those interested in staying more than one month.

The Institute is located in the city of San Jose, and was founded in 1979. Basic to the school’s philosophy is that it be a cheerful, congenial place to learn Spanish. Staff members enjoy meeting and relating to people from different countries and backgrounds.

The Institute has been chosen among other Spanish language schools in Costa Rica by several foreign universities for their study abroad Spanish programs. Spanish lessons are provided at different levels—beginners through advanced—in small classes. Students receive personalized attention.

The Spanish courses stress oral communication. Vocabulary is related to the areas of daily life. Rules are used actively and the correct forms begin to sound right to the student’s ear.
For those who are unable to travel or who wish to continue improving their Spanish, the Institute offers online, live, one-to-one instruction via webcam.

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