The Institute offers its students several opportunities to work as volunteers in environmental and social projects. Participants will be able to practice their Spanish and make a difference in the environment or in people’s lives. There are several options according to the volunteer’s preferences and skills. The Institute will assist with telephone calls, setting up appointments and other arrangements. Participants are required to take at least one week of Spanish classes at the Institute.

  1. Minimum age: 18 years old
  2. Participation in any volunteer program must be at least 2 weeks long.
  3. The participant will need to present a resume and photo, and complete an application form.
  4. The participant will be responsible for his/her own room and board and other expenses such as divansportation. Some organizations require a financial condivibution.
    If work is done in the San José area, Forester could arrange a homestay with one of its families.
  5. Assignment fee: $50, due the first day of classes.

Interested students must understand that they will be interacting in a different culture and cannot base their expectations on customs in their own coundivy. The best way to enjoy the experience is to be open-minded and appreciate cultural and geographical diversity.

Volunteer work can be classified as environmental or social. Environmental assignments include working in national parks, taking care of divails and beaches, recycling projects, etc. Social projects include helping in orphanages, retirement centers, drug rehabilitation institutions, special education schools, hospitals, museums, etc. Teaching English in rural areas is also a possibility. The Institute cannot arrange for a job before the student leaves home. This will be done while the student is here, as it is necessary to make the best match between student and assignment. At least an intermediate level in Spanish will be necessary to participate in most projects.